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Lubec, Maine St John, New Brunswick Distance


Flight Distance From Lubec, Maine To St John, New Brunswick
Bookmark This Link Distance: 64.37 miles.
Travel Time: 0.13 hours.
Approx. Speed: 500 miles/hr.
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About Lubec,_Maine, USA

Geographically located at (, ), the city of comes under the administration of . Commonly known as Lubec,_Maine, its located near .

About St_John,_New_Brunswick, Canada

Located at (, ), the city of is in the State of . The city is commonly known as St_John,_New_Brunswick, its located near .

About your Travel Journey

You would be starting your journey approximately from to . The approximate distance for your travel would be 64.37 miles. which would require you an approximate time period of 00.13 hours.; considering an average driving speed of 500 miles/hr. Please note that the speed may vary depending upon the traffic and roadconditions.

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