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It gives us great pleasure to present to you www.distancesbetween.com!

A unique service that calculates distances between cities in various countries and inter state travel; before you start your travel! You also get an exact, to the scale Google Map that shows your route. Further, you can also change the default route to avoid traffic, plan for stopping at particular location for work on the way.

The website today supports India and United States and soon would be launched in other countries as well. The website includes detailed maps, and driving directions. The website also gives you detailed routes and customizable distance calculator for distances in Kilometer and miles.

A mobile version of the website is also available, so that you can also the refer to the distances while you are travelling and are seated in a taxi or Auto. We aim to take this forward by adding more countries around the world!

Please contact us at contact@distancesbetween.com if you want to reach us for any updates, or provide us with your valuable Feedback.

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