Why you give a break to your car for your next drive

Greetings,Lovelies. Talking about lovely, monsoon did her spell again on all of us, making the weather romantic and flooding the roads with water. Do I hear a collective admittive sigh? May be. Now, we all know the roads and the frustration we go through when we drive our cars, dodging others in heavy traffic. And then reach office late and get yelled by boss. It has become routine for us. But give yourself and your car a break. Stop rushing for once. You may ask, how and I do have an answer for how!

Book a cab. Yes. Just for once, give it a break, go nirvana. Vibe positive. Now you might be thinking that just a cab ride makes you positive? No. it won't, but it atleast starts your day off with smiles, sunshines and rainbows because you won't be driving, screaming in frustration, you can sit back and relax, soft music flowing into your head from those earphones, and your mind relaxing as it doesn’t have to juggle!

Uber coupon HAPPY150 and get a free ride

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you even can have your breakfast during your ride, if you are running late! I know the next suspicion, ‘it takes a wad of notes to pay for that cab guy”. It used to be like that, buddy. Not now. Today’s generation, everything has gone to another level and cab rides are no exception for that. You can get crazy discounts on cab rides, cashbacks and sometimes if your stars support you, you might even get a free ride!

Still don't believe me? Okay, let me give you an example. Let’s take uber, a leading cab service provider in India, offers a free ride to its customers worth Rs.150. I said “Free”! Do you hear that? Now you gotta believe this. And if you wanna test it yourself, go and use the Uber coupon HAPPY150 and get a free ride and yes, don't forget to send me flowers for this piece of information I just provided!

Be it a date with your girlfriend, or an urgent meeting you need to attend, or taking your wife and kids to shopping, or just weekend movie plan with friends, go book a cab service and sit back, enjoy your day with your plans and you don’t have to worry about traffic or where to park at the mall or how to dodge those bike riders or anything, really!

What are you waiting for? Book your cab now!